Living Kidney Donors

KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Evaluation and Follow-up Care of
Living Kidney Donors


KDIGO has developed a global, evidence-based clinical practice guideline on the Evaluation and Follow-up Care of Living Kidney Donors.  KDIGO has a long history of developing and implementing high quality and informational guidelines for clinicians to assist in decision making.  This Living Donor Guideline will assist health professionals in selecting and caring for living donors who are helping patients with kidney disease in urgent need for transplants.

Following a well-established public review tradition, KDIGO involves as many members from the kidney and transplant community as possible in the guideline development process.  Therefore, KDIGO cordially invited members of the public to review and comment on the guideline draft accessible below.  Ideas and suggestions on how to make this guideline as valuable as possible were warmly welcomed.  KDIGO values your input and looks forward to developing a guideline that will assist everyone caring for living donors around the world.

Kindly note that the public review window has now closed.  Our sincere thanks to those that provided feedback.


KDIGO Draft Guideline on the Evaluation and Follow-Up Care of Living Kidney Donors

KDIGO Guideline Evidence Report

KDIGO Guideline Evidence Report Appendices

Summary of Published Living Kidney Donor Guidelines