KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of
Candidates for Kidney Transplantation



KDIGO is developing a global, evidence-based clinical practice guideline on the Evaluation and Management of Candidates for Kidney Transplantation. Transplantation is the renal replacement therapy of choice for suitable patients with end-stage kidney disease. However, not all patients are suitable candidates for transplantation, and suitability is often determined by the risk of transplantation relative to the risk of not receiving a transplant. Estimation of risk is a key part of the transplant candidate evaluation. In addition, the candidate evaluation is designed to minimize risk should transplantation is to proceed.

The guideline Scope of Work, accessible below, is designed to assist the evidence review team and the guideline Work Group in defining literature search strategies and identifying other potential sources of evidence for this guideline. KDIGO involves as many members from the kidney and transplant community as possible in the guideline development process, and cordially invited members of the public to review and comment on this Scope of Work. The review period has now ended, and we thank you for your ideas and suggestions on how to make this guideline as valuable to your practice as possible.

KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of Candidates for Kidney Transplantation Scope of Work