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The KDIGO Global Network promotes awareness, dissemination, adoption and clinical integration of KDIGO Clinical Practice Guidelines globally. The Global Network is composed of volunteers from around the world who work to implement KDIGO guidelines in their respective countries or regions. Most are associated with local nephrology societies or guideline groups, and many are affiliated with the International Society of Nephrology.


Roles and Responsibilities


      • Work with KDIGO staff and regional representatives to develop a regional implementation plan.
      • Summarize the KDIGO implementation activities in their region annually in a report that is submitted to the KDIGO Executive Committee.
      • Participate in other related meetings when appropriate, such as the annual Guideline Coordination Meeting.
      • Inform KDIGO staff of KDIGO guideline commentaries by local societies.
      • Inform KDIGO staff of local presentations on KDIGO guidelines.
      • Facilitate presentation of KDIGO guidelines at national and regional meetings.
      • Assist in the language translation of the KDIGO Guideline Executive Summary for publication on the KDIGO website.
      • Submit guideline translations and executive summaries to regional journals for publication.
      • Assist in developing commentaries / editorials on KDIGO Guidelines for publication in regional journals.
      • Promote integration of guidelines into residency training programs.
      • Communicate with regional healthcare administrators to promote adoption of practice guidelines.
      • Assist in research to evaluate how KDIGO Guidelines change clinical practice and affect patient outcomes.