Timing of clinical outcomes in CKD with severely decreased GFR

Outcome Risk
 Any Kidney Replacement Therapy (KRT a.k.a. ESRD)      19.7%  
 Any Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) 11.3% 
 Any Death 15.4% 
CKD G4+ - no event    63.1%
KRT Only   13.8%
KRT After CVD    0.4%
CVD After KRT    1.3%
Death After KRT    3.4%
Death After KRT and CVD    0.8%
Death After CVD    2.8%
Death Only   8.4%
CVD Only   6.0%
  • CKD G4:Chronic Kidney Disease
    Stage G4 (eGFR <30 mL/min/1.73m²)
  • CVD:Cardiovascular
  • KRT:Kidney Failure Requiring
    Kidney Replacement Therapy
  • GFR:Glomerular
    Filtration Rate

The events are mutually exclusive. So, "Death After CVD"  means "Death After CVD, without the occurrence of KRT",  etc. "Death After CVD and KRT"  includes "Death After CVD After KRT"  and "Death After KRT After CVD"