John Davis is the Chief Executive Officer of Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes or KDIGO.  He serves as a Trustee of the corporation registered in Belgium as a Foundation in the Public Interest.  He has held those positions since 2004.  

KDIGO is in its third year of independence and self-governance.  John leads the organization with three other staff members and hundreds of volunteer nephrology thought leaders from around the world.  KDIGO is a global organization dedicated to developing and implementing evidence based clinical practice guidelines in all phases of kidney disease and its treatment.

As CEO, John directs the business affairs, resource development, strategic planning and collaboration programs of the organization.  KDIGO has emerged under his leadership as a truly effective and independent part of the global kidney community.  KDIGO is dedicated solely to patients and its mission of translating the best and latest global science into practical treatment recommendations for clinicians everywhere in the world. 

John has had more than 30 years experience in the world of medical not-for-profit.  Until 2011, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), a US charity. 

He led NKF’s innovations in education, communication, program development, program implementation, events and fund raising in the United States and in other countries.  Under his leadership NKF became one of the most effective and respected kidney organizations in the world.  He has written extensively on all aspects of kidney disease; its detection, treatment and prevention.  He has made hundreds of presentations to audiences.  He has visited over 25 countries and knows key opinion leaders throughout the global kidney and transplantation communities.  

Over his career, John has raised over $200,000,000 for programs in kidney disease and transplantation including testing 170,000 people for kidney disease in the US, Japan and Mexico; providing CME educational programs to over 45,000 physicians and other professionals; bringing transplant athletics to the US, recognizing donor families and creating the effort to bring evidence based clinical practice guidelines to the field of kidney disease.