conference overview

The burden and challenges in the management and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in patients with CKD, and those on dialysis, are well documented. Not surprisingly, the risks for other CVD subtypes such as cerebrovascular diseases, central aortic disease, renovascular disease and peripheral arterial diseases are also elevated in persons with CKD.

Given the importance of integrated coordinated care for patients with these cardiovascular comorbid conditions, the KDIGO Controversies Conference on Central & Peripheral Arterial Diseases in CKD will gather a global panel of multidisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise to identify key issues relevant to the optimal detection, management and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, central aortic disease, renovascular disease, and peripheral arterial diseases in the setting of CKD. The goal of this KDIGO conference is to determine best practices and summarize areas of uncertainty; review key relevant literature; address ongoing controversial issues; and propose a research agenda to address any gaps in knowledge.

Drs. Kirsten Johansen (Hennepin Healthcare, Chronic Disease Research Group, and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA) and Holger Reinecke (University Hospital Muenster, Germany) will co-chair this conference.

KDIGO makes preliminary Scope of Work documents available for public review prior to final planning of any Controversies Conference. To this end, we cordially invite your input on the Central & Peripheral Arterial Diseases Conference Scope of Work which can be found in the Resources section. Kindly submit your comments via the feedback form below no later than Monday, December 30th.


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