conference overview

KDIGO plans to convene a Consensus Conference on Harmonizing Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease Definition and Classification in August 2020.  The purpose of this conference will be to review the evidence to date and develop a definition, classification, and management recommendations for AKD that are harmonized with the current definitions, classification, and management recommendations for AKI and CKD.  The conference also will identify the key areas of research required to fully understand the relationships between these entities.  Ultimately, the outcome of this conference would benefit clinical practice, research and public health by using a uniform nomenclature.

The goals of the conference will be accomplished by a relatively small group of investigators who have published on AKD and representatives from the past AKI and CKD guideline Work Groups.  The conference will convene and publish its observations so as to inform future updating Work Groups for the next iterations of the AKI and CKD guidelines.

The KDIGO Consensus Conference on AKD is co-chaired by John Kellum, University of Pittsburgh; Norbert Lameire, Ghent University; Adeera Levin, University of British Columbia; and Paul Stevens, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.