conference overview

KDIGO has led the global kidney community in the past by developing guidelines promulgating definitions for terms like CKD, AKI and MBD; as well as the staging system to classify severity of CKD and AKI and the subsequent risk categories for CKD (“heat map”). To further guideline implementation, KDIGO now will undertake an effort to refine and revise the nomenclature the community uses in describing kidney disease. While some terms have been in use for decades, consistency in nomenclature could help to improve outcomes. The overall goal of the KDIGO Nomenclature Consensus Conference is to define standard nomenclature in publication of scientific articles. The plan is to work with researchers, clinicians, journal editors, journal managers, patients and thought leaders to create a patient centered and precise glossary of terms related to kidney disease to promote greater uniformity in medical practice, research and public health.

The co-chairs of this conference are Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Charité Berlin, Germany), and Andrew Levey (Tufts Medical Center, USA). The editorial co-chairs are Stacy Christiansen (Managing Editor, JAMA), and Nijsje Dorman (Managing Editor, AJKD).