(Brussels, Belgium) – – – Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes, the global clinical practice guideline organization in kidney disease, has formalized its collaboration with over 800 nephrologists around the world. The group will be called “The KDIGO Global Network” and will serve as a direct link between the organization and clinicians in nearly every country.

The components of the collaboration will be frequent communication and updates from KDIGO. Danielle Green, KDIGO Managing Director, leads the effort to combine these volunteers into an important on-going part of the organization. She said, “The key to KDIGO’s continuing success is the enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers. The Network will organize their relationship with us so they can continue to contribute time and energy to our programs.”

The Network includes thought leaders in nephrology and related fields who have served on KDIGO work groups and steering committees, provided governance, reviewed guidelines and conference reports, attended Controversies Conferences and presented KDIGO recommendations to their colleagues. The number of Network members has increased over the past year as will continue to grow as more work groups are formed and more conferences are held.

Green added, “Last year we held a kick-off reception for the Network during the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week meetings. Upwards of 250 people attended and many asked for new assignments to stay involved in KDIGO. This was very gratifying to see such high caliber people continue to support our work.”

Network members will provide feedback and advice to KDIGO on how to make its recommendations more useable in their countries. They will work to make KDIGO information a part of local congresses and periodically survey colleagues about their use of KDIGO and ways to improve its effectiveness. Speakers’ kits, recommendation summaries and updates, educational tools and an electronic response system will be provided to all members of the Network.

This Network is part of KDIGO’s commitment to implementation. The organization has always committed itself to implementation rather than simple dissemination of its work. KDIGO translates cutting edge global science into clinical practice recommendations. The Network will facilitate their utility in varying local circumstances globally. It replaces the former KDIGO Implementation Task Force.

Green concluded, “KDIGO must be relevant and useful in every country. The KDIGO Global Network will help us make that possible.”


KDIGO is a Belgian foundation committed to developing and implementing nephrology guidelines that improve patient outcomes on a global basis.

For further information please contact KDIGO at [email protected].



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