(Brussels, Belgium) – – – – Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) announces that its 2018 Annual Report is now available. It can be read or downloaded at any time by clicking here. This is KDIGO’s premier Annual Report, which describes major events of 2018 as well as a brief history of the organization.

The Annual Report lists its volunteer and staff leadership along with photos of individuals and events that have made KDIGO well-known around the world. The Report celebrates six years as an independent, self-managed and self-funded organization. KDIGO guidelines, conference reports, and implementation tools are described. All are available on the same website.

The Report features messages from KDIGO’s 2018 Co-Chairs, David Wheeler and Wolfgang Winkelmayer, and its Chief Executive Officer, John Davis. It also lists the dozens of world nephrology leaders who currently and in the past have worked on KDIGO programs. All former Co-Chairs are noted with their photos. KDIGO has achieved its present position in the global kidney community through the efforts of these volunteers. They assure the scientific integrity of KDIGO publications and lead the effort to translate global science into clinical recommendations and observations relevant to every day medical practice around the world.

Readers may be interested in the history of guidelines in kidney disease. They have been the mission of KDIGO and its predecessor organizations for nearly 25 years. Much has changed over those years, but KDIGO remains dedicated to improving patient outcomes through application of global science and the participation of expert thought leaders.

Featuring this publication on www.kdigo.org is part of the organization’s effort to keep the global kidney community informed and aware of its programs. KDIGO is a valuable resource for reliable guidance in the care of kidney patients.

KDIGO is a Belgian foundation committed to developing and implementing nephrology guidelines that improve patient outcomes on a global basis.

For further information please contact KDIGO at [email protected].

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