conference overview

The KDIGO Controversies Conference on Blood Pressure (BP) and Volume Management in Dialysis will examine BP measurement and targets for individuals receiving maintenance dialysis; pharmacologic interventions for BP abnormalities; dialysis prescriptions as they relate to BP and volume; extracellular volume assessment and management with a focus on technology-based solutions; and volume-related patient symptoms and experiences. The objectives of this conference are to assess the current state of knowledge related to BP and volume management and identify existing and future opportunities to improve related clinical and patient-reported outcomes among individuals receiving maintenance dialysis.

Drs. Jenny Flythe (University of North Carolina, USA) and Kevan Polkinghorne (Monash University, Australia) will co-chair this conference.

KDIGO makes preliminary Scope of Work documents available for public review prior to final planning of any Controversies Conference. To this end, we cordially invite you to provide input on the BP & Volume Management in Dialysis Conference Scope of Work found in the Resources section. Kindly submit your comments via the feedback form below no later than Wednesday, January 2nd.


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