conference overview

This multidisciplinary controversies conference, attended by more than 70 physicians, representing 6 continents and 25 countries, was designed to evaluate classification of chronic kidney disease (CKD) from a global public health perspective. The conference agenda included both plenary sessions and discussion groups that examined CKD classification, surveillance, public policy and associations of CKD with other chronic diseases. Based upon the meeting deliberations, recommendations were made regarding evaluation and promotion of global public health initiatives; extension of current classification systems for CKD and related chronic diseases; and identification of research questions to guide future study design and data collection.

The development and adoption of a consistent framework, pertinent to public policy arenas, clinical care and research endeavors, will permit international collaborations and scientific discoveries to be more readily applicable and easily adopted worldwide.

Plenary session presentations

KDIGO – Past, Present, and Future

Presenter: Garabed Eknoyan

CKD as a Public Health Problem

Presenter: Andrew Levey

Global Overview

Presenter: Meguid El Nahas

CKD Surveillance - EU (Iceland Data)

Presenter: Olafur Skuli Indridason

CKD Surveillance - Latin America

Presenter: Emmanuel Burdman

CKD Surveillance - China

Presenter: Jing Chen

CKD Surveillance - Okinawa

Presenter: Kunitoshi Iseki

CKD Surveillance - Australia

Presenter: Robert Atkins

GFR Reporting - France

Presenter: Jerome Rossert

GFR Reporting - United Kingdom

Presenter: Donal O’Donoghue

Albuminuria Testing: Implementation

Presenter: David Seccombe

Revisions to ICD Classifications

Presenters: Lesley Stevens and Robert Jakob

Public Policy Initiatives

Presenter: Allan Collins

Associations of CKD with Chronic Disease

Presenter: Kai-Uwe Eckardt

WHO Chronic Disease Perspective

Presenter: Robert Jakob

Associations of CKD with Cancer

Presenter: Eric Cohen