conference overview

The objective of the KDIGO Controversies Conference on Optimal Anemia Management in CKD is to gather a global panel of multidisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise to identify key issues relevant to the optimal management of anemia in CKD. The goal of this KDIGO conference is to determine best practice and areas of uncertainties in the treatment of anemia, review key relevant literature published since the 2012 KDIGO Anemia Guideline, address ongoing controversial issues, identify new topics or issues to be revisited for the next iteration of the KDIGO guideline, and outline research needed to improve anemia management in CKD.

Drs. Tilman B. Drüeke (INSERM U-1018, Hôpital Paul Brousse, Villejuif, France) and Jodie L. Babitt (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA) will co-chair this conference.