The KDIGO Controversies Conference on Women and Kidney Health took place in Athens, Greece on February 2-5, 2023. This KDIGO Controversies Conference convened a global panel of individuals with multidisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise (i.e., nephrology, obstetrics, reproductive health, pediatrics/neonatology, etc.) and patients to identify key gender and sex issues in kidney care and to optimize reproductive care of women with CKD and women who have developed hypertensive disorders of pregnancy or pregnancy-related AKI.

With the support of an in-depth review of the most relevant literature, this conference described current best practices and identified areas of uncertainty, addressed ongoing controversial issues, and outlined research needed to move the field forward.

Drs. Giorgina Piccoli (Centre Hospitalier Le Mans, France) and Christina Wyatt (Duke University, United States) co-chaired this conference.



Plenary session presentations