conference overview

The KDIGO Onco-Nephrology Conference gathered together a global panel of multidisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise (e.g., nephrology, oncology, intensive care, hematology pharmacology, etc.) to identify key management issues in nephrology relevant to patients with malignancy. The development of newer and more effective cancer treatments has led to an increasing number of cancer survivors but unfortunately many of these treatments can be nephrotoxic. As such, prevention, early detection, long-term monitoring and treatment of ensuing problems in these patients is a growing problem.

Drs. Jolanta Małyszko (Warsaw Medical University, Warsaw, Poland) and Camillo Porta (IRCCS San Matteo University Hospital Foundation, Pavia, Italy) co-chaired this conference.

The Steering Committee members for this conference were:

  • Aristotelis Bamias
    Athens University, Greece
  • Farhad Danesh
    MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
  • Alicja Debska-Ślziien
    Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
  • Maurizio Gallieni
    University of Milano, Italy
  • Morie A Gertz
    Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Jan Kielstein
    Städtischen Klinikum Braunschweig, Germany
  • Petra Tesarova
    Charles University, Czech Republic
  • Germaine Wong
    University of Sydney, Australia



Plenary session presentations

Management of CKD and AKI in Malignancy

Presenter: Anitha Vijayan

Kidney Problems in Anti-Cancer Treatment

Presenter: Rümeyza Kazancioğlu

Renal Involvement in Hematological Disorders

Presenter: Artur Jurczyszyn

Onco-Nephrology: Perspectives from Nephrology and Oncology

Presenters: Mark Perazella & Walter Stadler