The KDIGO Implementation Summit on Diabetes Management in CKD: From Primary to Collaborative Care was held in Hong Kong from July 14-16, 2023, and was co-chaired by Drs Philip Li and Juliana Chan.

KDIGO recently updated its Diabetes Management in Chronic Kidney Disease Guideline, and is actively working to bring the latest recommendations to clinicians and healthcare professionals around the world. The publication of the guideline is a major milestone in the pursuit of reducing the burden of diabetic kidney disease, however the real challenge lies in its implementation to translate evidence to practice. As such, KDIGO brought together experts and thought leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region for this summit.

Experts in the field of diabetes, kidney care, education and policy, from Hong Kong and internationally, came together to share their insights regarding the barriers and enablers of implementing these guidelines, and shared their experiences with various care models in different settings. The format of the meeting included a public Town Hall on 15 July, followed by a workshop to discuss gaps, implementation, and evaluation on 16 July. Through these deliberations, a publication to promulgate key messages from the summit to inform practice and policies will be produced.


Town Hall Presentations


Plenary Session 1: Burden of Diabetic Kidney Disease and Multi-Faceted Care for Quality Improvement






Plenary Session 2: Multidisciplinary, Collaborative, and Patient-Centred Care by Nephrologists, Diabetologists, Primary Care Physicians, and Allied Health Professionals





Plenary Session 3: Enhancing the Role of Primary Care Health Professionals in the Implementation of Diabetes Management in Preventing CKD





Plenary Session 4: Promoting Health Literacy and Self-Management Through Patient Empowerment to Improve Outcomes




Plenary Session 5: Using Data to Drive Actions at Patients, Providers, Planners, and Policymakers to Improve Care Accessibility, Sustainability, and Affordability