July 2022
KDIGO Hosts Controversies Conference on Quality of Care in Chronic Kidney Disease
KDIGO held the Improving CKD Quality of Care: Trends and Perspectives Controversies Conference in Berlin, Germany in June 2022. The conference examined and discussed best practices for improving the precision of CKD diagnosis and prognosis, managing the complications of CKD, enhancing the safety of care, and maximizing patient quality of life.


The conference brought together key experts and thought leaders, including patients, who conducted a comprehensive review of current literature and understanding in this area. Dr. Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Germany) and Dr. Holly Kramer (United States) co-chaired this conference.


“We are highly pleased with the success of this conference,” said Dr. Eckardt. “Thanks to a well-organized agenda, extensive planning, and highly interactive participants, we were able to cover an impressive number of critical topics not only in range but also in depth.”


The format of the conference involved topical plenary session presentations followed by focused discussion groups reporting on their areas to the full group for consensus building.


“The patient voice was key to our discussion and assessment of the broad health impacts of CKD, including CKD-associated complications beyond the loss of kidney function and cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Kramer. “We hope this conference’s attention to patient-reported outcomes will help maximize both quality of life and care for patients with kidney disease.”


Conference participants will produce a conference report guiding CKD management and future research and will inform current efforts for the formal update of the KDIGO 2012 CKD Guideline, which is currently underway.  
KDIGO Guidelines Updates
KDIGO has added the 2012 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Guideline to its list of formal Guideline Updates, with an update process scheduled to commence in 2023. The AKI Guideline update is part of an expansion of the KDIGO guideline development process to include more frequent and rapid updates of KDIGO Guidelines based on emerging evidence. Additional KDIGO Guidelines on which work is currently underway and scheduled for publication include:


The Diabetes in CKD Guideline Update and Hepatitis C Guideline Update have both been submitted to Supplements to Kidney International for publication later this year. The Autosomal Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) Guideline Update is currently being drafted after the Work Group held their first meeting in June 2022. For the CKD Guideline Update, the Evidence Review Team (ERT) has been chosen and the systematic review process has begun. The Glomerular Diseases Guideline will be updated chapter by chapter. An ERT has been selected to begin updating the ANCA and lupus nephritis chapters first. Finally, KDIGO is currently accepting proposals from ERTs for the Anemia Guideline Update.
KDIGO Blood Pressure in CKD Guideline now Available on AvoMD
The KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Management of Blood Pressure in Chronic Kidney Disease is now available for free on the AvoMD web tool and mobile app, for any clinician in need of expert, instant guidance at the bedside. AvoMD is a next-generation, application-based clinical decision platform. The KDIGO BP Guideline is accessible in the Epic electronic health record, making the guideline readily available to healthcare providers. Try out AvoMD by setting up your free account.
Upcoming Webinars and Events
Episode 3 of the ISN-KDIGO Complement in GN Series, “What’s New in the Management and Treatment of Glomerulonephritis: A look at IgAN and MN”
Wednesday, July 20, starting 10:00 AM EDT/4:00 PM CEST


Join us for the next episode of ISN-KDIGO Complement in Glomerulonephritis Webinar Series, “What’s New in the Management and Treatment of Glomerulophephritis: A Look at IgAN and MN,” on Wednesday, July 20 at 10:00 AM EDT, 4:00 PM CEST.


During this webinar, the results of clinical trials of new supportive and immunosuppressive treatments will be reviewed, highlighting treatment challenges and unmet clinical needs. This webinar will also include an overview of how new understanding of the pathophysiology of IgAN has broadened opportunities for trials of novel targeted therapies for this important global cause of kidney disease. Learn more and register.
Episode 2 of the KDIGO IgAN & FSGS Series: “Management, Treatment & Recommendations for Future Research in IgAN”
Thursday, July 21, 11:00 AM EDT/5:00 PM CEST


Join us for Episode 2 of the KDIGO IgAN & FSGS Series, Management, Treatment & Recommendations for Future Research in IgAN, on Thursday, July 21 at 8:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM CEST.


In Episode 2, Dr. Rosanna Coppo (Italy), and Dr. Richard Lafayette (United States), will hold an in-depth discussion on the management and treatment of IgAN. This webinar will address treatment for patients with IgAN at high risk of CKD progression, the role of glucocorticosteroids and other pharmacotherapies, as well future research for IgAN treatment. Learn more and register.
New Resources
KDIGO Pruritus Infographic Set


Recognizing the burden of physical symptoms in dialysis patients, KDIGO is pleased to release a new infographic set on pruritus.


In May 2022, KDIGO hosted a Controversies Conference to identify the optimal means for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of symptom-based complications in patients undergoing dialysis therapy.

This infographic set is part of a number of related resources KDIGO has produced, such as the Symptom-Based Complications in Dialysis Webinar Series. Visit the Conference Website to learn more or download the KDIGO Pruritis Infographic Set directly.

Recording: Part 2 of the ISN-KDIGO-WONCA Webinar Series on CKD Early Identification and Intervention


The recording is now available for the ISN-KDIGO-WONCA joint webinar, “CKD Early Identification and Intervention,” with Dr. Magdalena Madero (Mexico), Dr. Laura Sola (Uraguay), Dr. Ana Cebrián (Spain), and Dr. Domingo Orozco-Beltrán (Spain).


This webinar features a discussion between PCPs and kidney care professionals to discuss barriers that exist, how to improve collaboration, and the implications for patients. Watch the recording.
Recording: Episode 1 of the KDIGO IgAN & FSGS Webinar Series, “Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of IgAN”


The recording is now available for the first episode of the new KDIGO webinar series focused on IgAN and FSGS, Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of IgAN.


In Episode 1, Dr. Agnes Fogo (United States), and Dr. Jürgen Floege (Germany) take a close look at the pathophysiology and diagnosis of IgAN. Dr. Fogo and Dr. Floege discuss the classification, pathology, and pathophysiology of primary IgAN. This webinar includes a review of tools for prognostication and the proper workup of a patient with IgAN, as well as an introduction to the MEST score. Watch the recording.
Recording: Episode 10 of the KDIGO Genetics in CKD Webinar Series
You can now watch the recording of the final episode of the KDIGO Genetics in CKD Webinar series, Case Studies: How to Care for Patients with C3G and ADPKD.
In Episode 10, Dr. Emilie Cornec-Le Gall (France) and Dr. Daniel Gale (United Kingdom) discuss C3G and ADPKD, presenting both typical and atypical case studies. This webinar covers common approaches and challenges to genetic testing for a monogenic disorder and a complex kidney disorder. Watch the recording.
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