conference overview

The Controversies Conference on Home Dialysis will be the third meeting in the KDIGO dialysis conference series. Participants will conduct a critical, in-depth review of factors that either positively or negatively impact home dialysis utilization while considering criteria for candidacy, eligibility, and outcomes associated with home dialysis. The meeting will further identify approaches and strategies that expand the use of home dialysis, with consideration toward currently escalating ESKD-associated costs. A particular emphasis will be exploring the specific and local factors that impact home dialysis uptake. Moreover, attendees will explore factors that impact the patient and carer experience of home dialysis and the most effective support mechanisms that enable its use. Included will be the potential impacts of increasing home dialysis utilization on clinical and patient-reported outcomes, financial implications of ESKD therapy costs, including patient and carer direct costs, and impact of increasing the use of home dialysis on increasing access to renal replacement therapy.

Drs. Jeff Perl (Canada) and Martin Wilkie (UK) will co-chair this conference.