December 2022
KDIGO Publishes 2022 Hepatitis C in CKD Guideline
KDIGO has published the 2022 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention, Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment of Hepatitis C in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The Hepatitis C in CKD Guideline and Executive Summary are now available online in Supplement to Kidney International and Kidney International, respectively, and on the KDIGO website. The guideline was co-chaired by Professor Michel Jadoul, MD (Belgium), and Paul Martin, MD (United States).
The KDIGO 2022 Hepatitis C in CKD Guideline follows four years after the last clinical practice guideline on this topic in 2018. The guideline addresses new evidence that has accumulated in several areas, including the role of additional direct-acting antiviral regimens in treating patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and CKD G1-G5 or CKD G5D, including kidney transplant recipients. The guideline also addresses studies attesting to the efficacy and safety of kidney transplantation from donors with HCV to recipients who are HCV negative, and the role of kidney biopsy in managing HCV-associated glomerulonephritis.
“KDIGO completed a full update of the Hepatitis C in CKD Guideline in 2018, but the new evidence that has emerged over the last four years made clear to us that an update was warranted,” said Dr. Martin. “We hope these new recommendations will help clinicians around the world improve outcomes for patients with HCV and CKD.”
The Hepatitis C in CKD Guideline is primarily intended to help clinicians caring for HCV and CKD patients, including patients on chronic dialysis therapy or who have had a kidney transplant. The guideline includes specific recommendations for a number of topic areas, including the detection and evaluation of HCV in CKD, the treatment of HCV infection in patients with CKD, prevention of HCV transmission in hemodialysis units, management of HCV-infected patients before and after kidney transplantation, and the diagnosis and management of kidney diseases associated with HCV infection.
“We are delighted to present this guideline to the global kidney community,” said Dr. Jadoul. “We thank the Guideline Work Group and evidence review team for their time, expertise, and contributions in this important endeavor.”
New Episodes of the KDIGO Conversations in Nephrology Podcast
KDIGO has released a new three-episode series of the KDIGO Conversations in Nephrology podcastThe podcast features global experts covering a wide range of topics related to kidney disease. The new three-episode series, hosted by Marlies Ostermann, MD (United Kingdom), focuses on acute kidney injury (AKI).


Dr. Ostermann and Dr. Javier Neyra (United States) explore the role of kidney replacement therapy in managing fluid overload. They discuss optimal monitoring and how best to remove fluid safely and effectively, including the evaluation of patients’ response to fluid removal prescription.


In episode eight, The Role of Hemodynamics for AKI and Maintaining Hemodynamic Stability in KRT Patients, Dr. Ostermann and Dr. Rinaldo Bellomo (Australia) discuss the importance of hemodynamic stabilization in protecting kidney function for patients on kidney replacement therapy. This episode also covers the different strategies and therapies available for maintaining such stability.


In episode nine, Best Practices in Nutrition, Drug Management, and Multi-Organ Support in Patients with AKI, Dr. Ostermann and Dr. Sandra Kane-Gill (United States) discuss the importance of drug stewardship when treating critically ill patients. Dr. Kane-Gill will also discuss how multiorgan support may influence drug dosing and aspects of nutrition and micronutrient supplementation for patients with AKI.


You can access the podcasts on most major podcast platforms via AnchorFM or on the KDIGO Podcasts webpage.
Women and Kidney Health Controversies Conference Scope of Work Available for Public Review
KDIGO cordially invites you to provide feedback on the Scope of Work for the Women and Kidney Health Controversies Conference. The conference will take place in Athens, Greece, from February 2-5, 2023. Dr. Giorgina Piccoli (France) and Dr. Christina Wyatt (United States) will co-chair this conference.


The Scope of Work and feedback form can be found on the Women and Kidney Health Controversies Conference website. You can also download the Scope of Work directly. Please submit your comments via the feedback form on the conference website by Monday, January 2, 2023.


This conference will convene a global panel of individuals with multidisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise (i.e., nephrology, obstetrics, reproductive health, pediatrics, neonatology, etc.), as well as patients, to identify key gender and sex issues in kidney care. The goal of this conference is to describe current best practices, identify areas of uncertainty, address ongoing controversial issues, and outline research needed to move the field forward. Your time and insights are greatly appreciated.
Upcoming Events
KDIGO-PlatformQ Health Webinar: New Directions about IgAN Treatment and Why it Matters to Me
Live on December 8, 2:30 PM ET


While a diagnosis of IgA nephropathy (IgAN) can be overwhelming, certain medications can help slow its course. There are numerous steps patients can take to keep the disease under control, such as managing blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels. Join a panel of expert clinicians, a patient advocate, and a patient for the live interactive presentation, “KDIGO: New Directions about IgAN Treatment and Why it Matters to Me,” on Thursday, December 8th at 2:30 PM to find out about the latest ways to combat IgAN.


The hour-long presentation will consist of 4 easy to understand modules on the guideline-driven management of IgAN and finding the best treatment for each patient. Module 1, “Why Is the KDIGO Guideline Important to Patients with IgAN?”, will review the KDIGO Guidelines, how they were written, and the levels of recommendation within. In Module 2, “Understanding IgAN,” patients will learn key terms associated with IgAN, how it is diagnosed, and the importance of controlling aspects of the disease process. Module 3, “What Does KDIGO Say About IgAN Treatment?”, will explore the goals of treatment, options to slow the disease and the flow of protein in urine, and how patients can take an active role in management. Finally, Module 4, “What’s New and What’s Next to Reduce Proteinuria?”, will review new and emerging agents for IgAN, lifestyle changes to improve kidney health, and treatment opportunities offered by clinical trials. Register for the program.
New Resources
ISN-KDIGO Webinar Recording: Conclusions from the KDIGO Conference on Home Dialysis


The recording is now available for the ISN-KDIGO webinar, “Conclusions from the KDIGO Conference on Home Dialysis.”


The KDIGO Controversies Conference on Home Dialysis reaffirmed the need for advocacy and efforts to ensure equitable access to home dialysis for all individuals in need of kidney replacement therapy globally. A particular emphasis was on exploring the specific and local factors that impact home dialysis uptake. In this webinar, Jeffrey Perl, MD (United Kingdom), Martin Wilkie, MD (United Kingdom), and Edwina Brown, MD (United Kingdom), address these factors and effective ways to improve outcomes for patients. Watch the recording.
Beyond ACEis and ARBs: The Promise of SGLT2 Inhibition to Reduce Risk of Kidney Failure and Dialysis in Numerous Patient Populations


Check out the KDIGO-PlatformQ Health free CME program, Beyond ACEis and ARBs: The Promise of SGLT2 Inhibition to Reduce Risk of Kidney Failure and Dialysis in Numerous Patient Populations. The program is chaired by Meg Jardine, MD (Australia), and features Ramy Hanna, MD (United States) and Silvio Inzucchi, MD (United States).


Learn more about the program and register.


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