Glomerular diseases, excluding diabetic nephropathy, account for about 25% of the cases of chronic kidney disease worldwide. Given the magnitude of long-term morbidity from glomerular diseases and in particular its frequent manifestation in younger patients, it is critical that they be diagnosed efficiently and that management be optimized to control disease and prevent progressive renal insufficiency.

The objective of the KDIGO Controversies Conference on Glomerular Diseases was to gather a global panel of multidisciplinary clinical and scientific expertise to identify key issues relevant to the optimal management of primary and secondary glomerular diseases. The goal was to determine best practice treatment and areas of uncertainties in the treatment of glomerular diseases, review key relevant literature published since the 2012 KDIGO GN Guideline, identify topics or issues that warrant revisiting for future guideline updating, and outline research needed to improve GN management.

Drs. Jürgen Floege (University of Aachen, Germany) and Brad Rovin (Ohio State University, USA) co-chaired this conference.




Below is a recorded webinar on Glomerular Diseases webinar features Jürgen Floege and Brad Rovin, co-chairs of the KDIGO Controversies Conference on Glomerular Diseases. The webinar was developed in collaboration with the International Society of Nephrology, and held on June 1, 2018.



Plenary session presentations

IgA Nephropathy and IgA Vasculitis

Presenter: Jonathan Barratt

Membranous Glomerulonephritis

Presenter: Pierre Ronco

Minimal Change Nephropathy & FSGS

Presenter: Elisabeth Hodson

Lupus Nephritis

Presenter: Daniel TM Chan


Presenter: Vladimír Tesař


Presenter: Carla Nester